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7 habits to optimize office productivity

Optimize the work of individuals and improve overall performance

In order to tackle ambitious projects, seize new business opportunities and achieve important objectives, employees need the ability and tools to stay focused on their daily commitments and responsibilities.

Optimizing the work of individuals and teams and thus supporting the strategic choices of the company is essential to improving office productivity.

In today’s article we explore effective ways to coordinate communications with practical tips for at home and abroad.

Optimize the work of individuals and improve overall performance

One of the many tasks that falls to an executive assistant is contributing to the development of a stimulating work environment. Such an environment supports employees, and gives them the tools and motivation they need to complete assignments both at home and abroad.

Better internal coordination, a strategic internal communication plan and an updated company policy are just some of the elements that can be exploited to optimize the work of individuals and teams.

In this article we share 7 practical tips to help you coordinate the activities of employees more efficiently and contribute to your company’s overall success and growth.

1) Make sure that business trips are thoroughly and thoughtfully planned

When it comes to optimizing productivity no matter where a team is at, it is important to consider how you organize and manage employee travel. In addition to making flight and hotel reservations and getting travel documents in order, it is very important to align with both management and employees to make sure that travel plans will satisfy their individual needs and support the tasks and commitments they expect at their destination.

Coordinating all phases of travel is crucial to enable staff to fulfill their off-site commitments. Here it is important to remember that the executive assistant is responsible for putting the travel policies and budgets approved by the corporate travel manager into action. With the next tips, we explore how it is possible to deepen the role of this figure within companies.

2) Monitor and manage current commitments

To optimize the daily work of team members, it is crucial to be in the know and keep tabs on ongoing activities. This not only implies a focus on tasks or projects with the most urgent deadlines. Instead, it is important to evaluate the status of individual goals and targets, proceeding by priority. Once again, internal coordination and a strategic communications plan are two essential elements that will help you help your teams get the best results.

3) Get in some quality “me time”

Whether you are in the office or working off-site, always remember to set aside some quality time for yourself. In order to support others, you need to safeguard your own well-being.

It is crucial not to underestimate this aspect but, on the contrary, to promote a healthy lifestyle within the organization: taking that morning coffee break or going out for lunch with your colleagues not only allows you to relax and let off some steam, but also helps you refuel and find the energy you need to get through whatever is on your schedule for the day.

4) Prepare meetings well in advance

Interdepartmental alignment meetings, on-site and off-site meetings, customer meetings and refresher courses are all important activities to stimulate professional development while embracing promising new business opportunities. But to make sure that these activities do not end up undermining employees in their daily work, they should be organized as much as possible in advance. Knowing that everything is set up for their next meeting will help employees organize their day and stay focused on the tasks at hand.

5) Keep multitasking in check

Multitasking has become an indispensable part of our daily lives, both in the office and at home. Just think of those daily tasks that, even if they are routine, can get the upper hand and cause stress or even threaten to ruin a deadline.

But sometimes, knowing how to separate your work life from your private life is simply not enough. Here, too, like in our other tips, it is important to recognize priorities and deadlines and keep them in focus, so as to increase productivity and optimize your work (and your work-life balance).

6) Organize team-building activities

The executive assistant plays a crucial role in promoting these activities, and team-building promotes the development of solid and lasting relationships among colleagues. It represents an excellent opportunity for comparison, dialogue and exchanging ideas and opinions about seldom-discussed topics. It may even lead to better insights on how to approach a problem or project.

In addition, establishing good relationships will promote a harmonious work environment, help your people see eye to eye and collaborate based on shared objectives.

7) Predict attractive services and benefits

Measures like company pensions, customized solutions and mobile services and benefits can contribute to the well-being of employees and increase their motivation and productivity.

Supporting your workforce through tools designed to promote a better work-life balance and keep employees happy and relaxed is essential for retaining them and enhancing the image of your brand and company. In the end, growing a business and taking advantage of promising new opportunities depends on the ability to attract top talent. And talent is often drawn to businesses that maintain a solid, state-of-the-art image and services to match.

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